Why we bring value.

Principals in Frac Diagnostics, LLC have been involved in stimulation development on six continents and have dealt with many intense issues regarding placing conductivity. Decades of experience and re-training on new applications allow us many opportunities to provide solid consulting advice to our clients.

Some examples are:
  • The knowledge to determine if conductivity is needed and how best to place it as well as when reservoir contact is the dominant factor in optimizing production.
  • The ability to decipher stimulation company bids and products to determine which product is best suited for your situation.
  • The foresight to interpret bond logs and other forms of data – such as gas chromatograph from drilling – in order to improve the stimulation process.

  • What we do.

    Stimulation data analysis using FRACPRO® to understand:
  • Frac Geometry
  • Proppant Placement
  • Reservoir Properties
  • Completion Effectiveness

  • These studies are a rigorous examination of the treatment data to determine several key factors that directly affect well performance and the economics of your asset.

    Several issues are investigated including:
  • Perforation cluster efficiency – how many perforations are open and are we getting the best from our perforating process?
  • Frac fluid performance – can we use a thinner, less damaging fluid?
  • Basic reservoir values – including permeability and stress
  • Stress-shadowing – indicating clusters too close
  • Fracture bounding mechanisms in vertical wells
  • Fracture mapping in calibration of earth models

  • These findings are then used to re-design and economically optimize the next wells in your completion program.

    In addition, we perform the following so we may provide optimum services to our clients:
  • Minifrac Analysis
  • Completion Design of Horizontal Wells
  • Stimulation Problem Solving
  • Problem Well Analysis
  • Stimulation Chemical Design and Auditing
  • Acidizing Design and Modeling

  • For a more in-depth explanation of our services please contact us. 

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