Frac Diagnostics and ROI Energy Partners Announce Alliance

Lyle Lehman, Founder of Frac Diagnostics and Brian Davidson, VP of Engineering / Managing Partner of ROI Energy Partners entered their respective companies into an Alliance to provide a broader portfolio of value-adding benefits for their clients. Frac Diagnostics provides field development studies and services focused on optimizing the investment that clients make into their assets, and ROI focuses on assuring that field execution completes these tasks by reducing the risk of job failure and improving the value of service delivery.

Both companies are legacy companies from Pinnacle Technologies founded in 1992 by Chris Wright and partners. Both firms are also Texas-based Limited Liability Companies.

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website: ROI Energy Partners

Our History

Frac Diagnostics, LLC is the heritage firm created from the transition of Pinnacle Technologies (a consulting firm started in September 1992) to STRATAGEN, Inc. then to Frac Diagnostics, LLC. In the early 2000s, Pinnacle's consulting firm was principally focused on understanding brittle shale completions and then improving fracture placement. It was strongly linked to both Pinnacle's market-leading and innovative Microseismic offering, and FRACPRO®, the industry's leading frac modeling software. In 2002, Pinnacle was purchased by a proppant supplier who sought to improve their sales by demonstrating how superior conductivity can improve reservoir response. This began the process of understanding how completions can link to better reservoir responses.

This business thrived using its sister company FRACPRO as the fracture modeling software. With the purchase of Pinnacle's Microseismic business by Halliburton in 2008, STRATAGEN® was born and branded as a two-component consulting firm. One arm of STRATAGEN remains today focused on field execution. The expert office-based, reservoir-focused portion was spun-off in 2016 to form Frac Diagnostics, LLC.

Our Mission

Frac Diagnostics, LLC firmly believes that the client's production goals should be met with every attempt to exceed those goals within the domain of reservoir performance.

Our Leadership

Lyle Lehman, Founder

Lyle Lehman has over 40 years of experience in the stimulation industry. Currently a holder of 8 patents with several patents pending and author of dozens of technical and business papers on stimulation topics, Lyle offers expertise in the analysis and improvement of stimulation practices with the emphasis on matching production outcomes with client's cashflow goals. Lyle is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and serves as the Completion's Technology Transfer liaison and as an at-large member of the Distinguished Lecturer's Committee.

As a consultant, Lyle's responsibilities also include:
- scoping and performing projects as an expert consultant in design,
- evaluation and optimization of matrix and fracture acidizing treatments,
- hydraulic fracturing and unconventional reservoir field development.

Lyle is sought by many clients for his ability to solve complex problems and is thought to be an out-of-the box solutions provider. His experience includes the optimization of fracturing treatments in tight oil and gas reservoirs in many areas of the U.S., managing tight gas production in Central-West Texas, high perm matrix acidizing, data mining using linear and non-linear analysis of cause-and-effect relationships as they pertain to completion optimization, and many other international-based low-permeability stimulation issues in the Middle East, Pakistan and Eastern Europe as well as several portions of Latin America. His experience has crossed into the world of high-temperature/high-pressure completions as well. Lyle is also considered an expert in stimulation fluid systems, their effect on conductivity and high-pressure/high-temperature environments.

Lyle is currently serving as a special completions adviser of Nobel Upstream and is a member of the Board of Directors for Endurance Resources, LLC. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Qualified Program) in Chemistry from the University of Oklahoma.

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Brian Dzubin, Reservoir and Stimulation Consultant

Brian is a consultant for Frac Diagnostics. He is responsible for many of the reservoir-related issues that face the clients of Frac Diagnostics. With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, Brian has a reputation for executing highly technical work, identifying problems (at times using details that others overlook), and developing more cost-effective, practical solutions. In previous roles working for ConocoPhillips, STRATAGEN Engineering and Halliburton, Brian has often demonstrated how material selection and treatment design influences well productivity. In past industry forums and project work, Brian has communicated the value of using Diagnostic Fracture Injection Tests (DFIT). He has contributed as a co-author on four SPE papers and holds a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.

Randy Andress, Stimulation Consultant - Field

Randy is a field consultant for Frac Diagnostics and commands over 35 years of knowledge and experience. Randy is primarily responsible for the expert-level completion functions that evolve from Frac Diagnostic's designs. In his previous roles working for firms such as STRATAGEN Engineering and Ely & Associates, Randy has gained knowledge in areas of completions outside of fracture stimulation, such as coiled tubing and similar areas. In addition, Randy has experience in stimulation design and analysis and backs-up other consultants in these disciplines. He received a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University and is co-author of three stimulation-related publications.

Mike Hallford, Stimulation Consultant - Field

Mike commands over 44 years of oil and gas experience, garnering expert knowledge as an owner, operator, partner, manager and consultant while specializing in drilling, completion and production in the Fort Worth, Permian and Appalachian basins. His well-rounded, invaluable experience brings a high level of efficiency to field work and completion.

Neill Northington, VP of Sales

With more than 40 years of industry experience as a successful oil and gas industry professional, Neill specializes in hydraulic fracturing stimulation, software development, sales and service. Expertise in modeling and evaluation of fracture treatments and managing complex sales involving account planning, team coordination, relationship building and customer satisfaction.

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