If you are looking for someone to maintain status quo or provide
the latest 'cool' frac design, then look elsewhere.

Contact us if you are seeking experienced consultants
to develop and economically exploit your reservoir assets.

"Relax. Your Frac Guys are Here."

Frac Diagnostics consultants are focused on providing the best economic return
for their clients, based on the Asset's ability to deliver cash flow.

In some cases, the goal is to create a trouble-free extended non-interrupted cashflow stream by designing in the completion to mitigate production interruption problems that are a result of reservoir-based issues. In other cases, the target is to increase the Initial Potential (IP) of the asset so that the asset can be sold to a less risk-averse operator.

In either case, Frac Diagnostics can satisfy these goals. We provide 'Bespoke'
completion options which include the total reservoir management aspect of the asset.

Contact us today if these goals match yours.

We Analyze, Recognize, and Resolve your Stimulation Issues

Frac Diagnostics, LLC is an expert-based data analysis and stimulation optimization consulting firm based in Houston, Texas that has secured a global reach. Our focus is improving the stimulation process to economically exploit reservoir capabilities. Our analysis has enabled field development to be realized and broad-based economics to be employed to better suit the capacity of the reservoir.

The Unconventional World is Changing

Service Providers all seem to have the newest completion product that suits your situation, but if you have a situation that they cannot provide a product for, what do you do? That's when Frac Diagnostics can step in and provide a valuable service.

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Our Expertise Can Allow You To:

  • Gain insight into better understanding your reservoir
  • Complete a lateral wellbore more efficiently
  • Improve cashflow by accelerating production
  • Improve cashflow by lowering completion costs

  • Our Methodology: A Proven Work Flow is Born

    Combining our expertise in reservoir stimulation, we have established a proven three-stage analytical work flow. This allows us to provide a customized, reservoir-specific consultation tailored to each client's specific needs. Towards the end of this process, as we narrow our focus, we will be able to resolve your stimulation issues and improve your production and cash flow target.


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